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Admissions: Responsible for staffing the ticket booth and assisting security to ensure that all spectators have the proper tickets for entry.



Caddy Tent: Responsible for upkeep of Caddy area.  Hand out lunch vouchers, yardage books, etc. for Caddy use.


Carts/Shuttles: Manage the Cart Area and control the charging, distribution, and collection of carts to authorized personnel. Assist with transporting professionals and volunteers throughout the course.


Driving Range: Assist in providing and maintaining a suitable driving range for all contestants. Specific duties include maintaining supplies such as range balls, beverages and player identification signs.


Hospitality: Responsible for ensuring that all patrons have proper credentials to enter the hospitality suite area, and assist with locations of specific suites.


Scoreboards: Assist with the manual update of the six Status Boards located around the course.


Marshals: Marshals ensure fair play among all participants as well as safety for spectators, and are stationed at locations throughout the course. Focus is on the tees, landing areas, greens and spectator crosswalks.


Marshal Lunch Delivery:  Responsible for delivering boxed lunches to marshals stationed throughout the course.


Merchandise: Cashiers, cashier assistants, greeters and assistance with stocking and replenishment in the LPGA Merchandise tent.


Player Services:  Responsible for signing in players as they arrive throughout the week.  Required to get players to fill out necessary paper work, pay entry fees, sign tournament memorabilia, etc. By Invitation Only.


Off-Site Transportation: Responsible for transporting players, staff and VIPs to various locations (including hotel and airport transfers) in courtesy vehicles provided by the Tournament. **Committee works before & after Tournament.


On-Site Transportation: Responsible for transporting volunteers to various shuttle points throughout the course.


On Course Services: Replenish water, ice, and other product on course.


Scoring Control: Responsible for obtaining scores from the walking scorers via the radio and entering them into the computers for the leader board. Substantial golf knowledge is necessary.


Scoring Tents: Responsible for the collection of Official Scorecards from each professional group.


Standard Bearers: Responsible for carrying a standard (with the names and scores for each professional) on the course for an entire round. Physically demanding; volunteers must be able to walk 18 holes of golf & carry a standard for entire round. Basic golf knowledge is required.


Television:  Works closely with the Golf Channel in order to broadcast the event.  Roles include microphone operators, laser operators, etc.


Tournament Office: Responsible for managing the Tournament phone line and various Office Administrative tasks. By Invitation Only.


Volunteer Services: Responsible for staffing the volunteer headquarters, handling uniform distribution and maintaining a comfortable working environment for the volunteers.


Walking Scorers: Each scorer follows a particular group, marking each stroke and specific statistics. At the end of each hole, these volunteers are responsible for communicating scores to the greens reporters. Substantial golf knowledge is necessary.  Must be able to walk 18 holes. By Invitation Only.

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